Water Quality Initiative – Year 1 & 2


Within the Boone River Watershed, Prairie Creek (Humboldt and Kossuth Counties) and Eagle Creek (Wright County) were chosen as 1 of 13 demonstration projects under the Water Quality Initiative.  These projects have a duration of 3 years and we are excited to make them successful for water quality.


There are many partners involved within the project, and in Year 1 and 2 great progress and interest has been shown.  Within the 2 watersheds the following practices have been installed.


year 1 and 2

Within Year 3 there will be more of these practices available for funding.

To find out more contact:

Kossuth County SWCD | 515-295-5156 ext. 119 | Jordan.kolarik@ia.nacdnet.net


Wright County SWCD | 515-532-2165 ext. 3 | bruce.voigts@ia.nacdnet.net

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